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Living below the line

I have decided to take the challenge to live below the line. This means for 5 days in May I’m going to buy all my food and drink for £5 as if I were living in extreme poverty (although if I were I would have to pay for a lot more than just food and drink with my £1 a day). 

My reasons for taking the challenge:

  • To see if I can
  • To understand how hard living is for the 1.4 billion people who live in extreme poverty
  • To try and raise money for skillshare international
  • To realise how easy life is for me and how spoilt I am.

My chosen charity:
Out of the 23 on the list, none were charities I would normally support, so I did some research into the charities on the list and picked skillshare because they teach women in Asia and Africa business skills so they can start up small businesses. This appears to me to be a fantastic way to spread news, skills and general well being.

My thoughts on how I am going to accomplish the challenge:

  • Convince James to join in because a problem shared is a problem halved, well in this case it would double the money, which should make our menu more varied - done
  • No freebies - so must remember to tell Sheila no cakes for us that week!
  • Nothing from the garden (partly because there is very little in it and partly because I wouldn’t have 1 if I lived in extreme poverty).
  • Buy local perhaps, free range eggs in the village are £1 for a mixed box, compared to £1.45 in Tesco.
  • Research prices and make a menu plan – next on the list
  • Detox from tea and drink only water

I have already started to think a lot more about the price of food. I was eating an Easter egg which I got it in the sale but it was still £1.99, which would be all I could eat for 2 days.

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