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FO: Old Forge Blanket

This is probably my favourite blanket and luckily also James’ since it became his birthday present. I made this from wool I reclaimed from a scarf I made for James when I first started knitting… and then had to add a couple of extra balls to make a whole blanket!

The brown/green yarn is James C Brett marble dk, and the beige yarn is Gedifra Riana Color. I used a pattern by Stephen West (one of my favourite designers), and it’s called Old Forge.

This is a much better use of the yarn since it looks amazing in the blanket, while the scarf was knit far too dense to be wearable.

We found another wigwam in the woods, and decided it had to be in our photos. It was muddy in the woods today, slippery, wet and muddy. But we found some areas that were not destroyed by a million dog walkers, and this was one of them. Lots of beautiful moss and bracken, ready for a cosy home; the sun was so warm on my face while I was having a little snooze.

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